Agrograph Releases Client Portal v5

Client Portal v5 represents a milestone in layer creation for our geospatial analytics platform.

by Nicholas Siebenaller

June 06, 2024

At the beginning of 2024 we announced the release of Client Portal, our geospatial analytics platform for agricultural intelligence. Since then we’ve been hard at work responding to feedback from our ag partners. In the 5 months since Client Portal’s initial release we’ve released over 60 unique variables, 3 unique layers, and improved filtering and visualizations to find and analyze farm fields that are most important to you. Today we are excited to announce version 5 of Client Portal.

Bring Your Own Geometry (BYOG)

One of the key features of Client Portal is the ability to navigate to locations across the US, draw an area-of-interest boundary, and instantly pull pixel-level data. While engaging in feedback, we heard that our customers wanted to revisit boundaries they have previously created. Additionally, they wanted to expand the options boundary ingestion. With Client Portal v5 we’re pleased to announce our expansion of that feature that we like to call Bring Your Own Geometry (BYOG).

Using the new layer creation mode users can upload, draw, and edit geospatial layers for use in Client Portal. Any geospatial feature, whether uploaded or drawn, can be modified or removed within the layer. Layers are saved to the user’s account for easy retrieval for later use. All custom boundaries can take full use of our catalog of agriculture variables including:

  • Crop Identification
  • Crop Yield
  • Phenology (Harvest Date & Planting Date)
  • Management Practices

We’re excited to see how BYOG layers can improve your agricultural analysis.

Looking Forward

At Agrograph we’re always iterating and improving. Our mission is to provide global agricultural analysis that’s accessible for everyone. In the next iteration of Client Portal we’ll be looking to expand our coverage outside the US. Consider subscribing to our newsletter to stay up-to-date on our latest news.


We rely on user feedback to craft better experiences. Reach out to our team at for comments, questions, or feedback.

Nicholas Siebenaller is a software engineer with a background in GIS and cloud-native technologies. He is the Engineering Lead at Agrograph.

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