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We create data solutions for the industries that all farmers depend on. Our platform combines machine learning with satellite imagery to generate millions of acres worth of global field-level predictions that can be leveraged to solve many modern day agronomic problems.

Tackling Farm Bankruptcy

From larger farm sizes, to a decreasing number of farmers, to more rented acreage and higher operating loans, bankruptcies are exposing financial institutions to greater risk. Real, meaningful solutions require partnerships between agtech and the institutions that support them — which is why we work directly with ag business to come up with new, innovative insights that scale across entire portfolios. Because farmers can't feed the world without you.

Total Farm Debt


Prioritizing Sustainability

Making smart decisions matters when it comes to sustainability. Whether its measuring evapotranspiration or assessing soil moisture, our technology instructs when to plant, plow, irrigate, and even harvest crops to better meet sustainable outcomes. We can identify farms that maximize carbon storage or efficiently utilize water through regenerative farming techniques, helping retailers and their shareholders manage their whole supply chain.

Charting a New Frontier: Farm-to-Farm Credit Scores

Much like FICO reshaped the financial industry with its personal credit scores, we have a similar vision for agriculture. It’s what we call the credit score of ag, or AgRiskScore (AGRO) — a data-driven, objective, and scalable baseline for standardized farm-to-farm creditworthiness. Our farm-to-farm scores augment the basic FICO-driven financial reviews used today while incorporating our field-level predictions.


Navigating the Wild, Wild West

Demand for hemp-derived CBD oil is booming in the United States. We help processors, investors, and vertically integrated operators better understand the in-season crop conditions for industrial hemp. We even developed the Hemp Productivity Index™ — a data-driven benchmark that industry partners can use to determine the most suitable land for production.

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