Agrograph Fills the Data Gap After NASS Discontinues Reporting

Agrograph produces accurate county yield estimate reports after the discontinuation of NASS county yield reports.

by Nicholas Siebenaller

June 20, 2024

In recent news from the National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS), a significant shift in reporting has stirred conversations across the agricultural industry. As of the 2024 production year, NASS has made the decision to discontinue all County Estimates Reports for Crops and Livestock, along with the Cotton Objective Yield Survey ¹. This decision has left many stakeholders wondering about the future of market transparency and reliable data access.

The NASS County Estimates Reports for Crops were one of the few published sources of survey information across many sectors of the supply chain. This data has long been used to monitor crop production, inform agricultural investment firms, and power institutional research. The loss of this detailed county-level data will significantly hinder these industries.

Eliminating county-level yield and production data for crops and livestock will also severely impact research from our land-grant institutions and only place the U.S. farther behind its trade competitors

- Vincent Duvall, President of the American Farm Bureau Federation

What is Actually in the Report?

The NASS reports are official USDA reports produced each year covering acreage, yield, production, price, and value for more than 100 crop commodities. Data is collected through a variety of methods including mail, interview, or electronically. Experienced NASS statisticians then validate this data and remove any extreme outliers. However, this process is not without challenges.

The data collected by USDA is survey-based, meaning respondents may offer inaccurate information or not answer at all. NASS attempts to overcome these challenges by performing extensive geospatial review for reasonableness, though coverage and accuracy has been a continuing issue.

Agrograph's Improved County Estimates Report

Agrograph produces yearly county estimate reports using remote sensing and proprietary machine learning models. Our reports include all primary commodity crops previously reported by NASS including corn, soybean, wheat, cotton, rice, barley, canola, and sorghum.

Agrograph’s reports also include a number of benefits over the NASS:

  1. Field-level Granularity - Agrograph’s reports are produced at a higher resolution allowing field-level data in addition to county-level data
  2. Early Access - Agrograph’s reports are produced as early as September of the growing year, nearly 5 months earlier than NASS
  3. Wider Coverage - Agrograph’s reports cover every county including counties that may not be reported by NASS

With over 90% accuracy in estimates for previous years, Agrograph’s county estimate report fills the data gap that will emerge with the discontinuation of NASS reports.

See how Agrograph’s county estimates report compares with the NASS in Iowa 2023 for corn and soy below:


By leveraging high-resolution satellite imagery and proprietary machine learning models, Agrograph delivers highly precise county yield estimate reports covering every state, county, and field in the US. To dive deeper into Agrograph’s solutions, reach out to our team at to learn more.


NASS discontinues select 2024 data collection programs and reports,1

Nicholas Siebenaller is a software engineer with a background in GIS and cloud-native technologies. He is the Engineering Lead at Agrograph.

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