How Credit Unions Can Eliminate Greenwashing With Data

by Julia Lechner

December 12, 2022

Across all industries, organizations are responding to consumer and investor concerns about sustainability and emissions standards. In financial services, regulators are even urging institutions to assess climate-related financial risks.

Credit unions are not exempt. National Credit Union Administration Chairman Todd M. Harper released statements at the end of last year citing the agency’s work on climate financial risk.

Credit unions are increasingly looking to lend more intentionally to organizations committed to sustainability. The problem is that it’s difficult for credit unions to determine which ones are taking actionable steps to improve and which ones are only claiming they are.

Why? ESG branding has largely gone unchecked, despite an uptick in enforcement. The latest buzzwords seem to change from season to season, and claims seem to become bolder with time.

A buzzword with staying power, however, is greenwashing.

In this issue of CU Management, Julia Lechner discusses how credit unions can leverage data-driven metrics to avoid being exposed to greater risk through greenwashing.

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Julia Lechner focuses on the intersection of sustainability and technology. She graduated with a BA from Harvard University, after which she began her career at Morgan Stanley. There, she focused on building ESG aligned portfolios for family offices and foundations. She simultaneously pursued her MSc in Environmental Sustainability at Columbia University. Connect with her on LinkedIn.

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