Agrograph Powers Industry-Leading Platforms and Initiatives

Agros® Solutions are informing leading climate-smart initiatives, governmental programs, industry software platforms and global advisory services worldwide.

by Miranda Schavrien

April 16, 2024

In today’s increasingly dynamic agricultural industry, the pivotal role of data can not be overstated. Global demand for food continues to rise, as does the expectation to meet that need using optimized practices that are good for people and good for the planet. At the forefront of that charge, Agrograph is providing unmatched data solutions to industry-leading partners who leverage our services to drive value across operations worldwide.

Agrograph’s robust data set represents a foundational pillar in the evolution of agricultural analytics and technology application. Derived from a combination of geospatial intelligence, remote sensing, and sophisticated analytics and modeling, Agros® Solutions are informing leading climate-smart initiatives, governmental programs, endemic software platforms and global advisory services for familiar industry names such as DTN, Kynetec and members of the Farm Credit System and other global partners spanning the agricultural technology, alternative data and agrifinance sectors.

Through our services, partners have access to a dedicated team of data scientists and industry experts that deliver automated solutions via a customized software interface or direct data integration through REST APIs to generate insights such as, but not limited to:

  • Crop ID for more than 35 crops spanning over 22 countries
  • Farm Practices such as Crop Rotation, Cover Cropping, Irrigation and Crop Residue
  • Soil Carbon Inventory and Mechanical Emissions Reporting
  • Land Classification, Financial Risk Score and Valuation Modeling

Our partners worldwide are using Agros® data for a variety of objectives but collectively focused on optimizing production and mitigating both financial and environmental risk.

An industry- leading global data analytics company leverages Agrograph’s data sets to provide software solutions designed to be the “premier agriculture and agronomic platform to best plan for, sell, and measure the impact of sustainable producer practices”, and another leader in market research and analytics for the agriculture and animal health sectors, relies on Agrograph's dataset to glean deeper insights into global production and market trends to equip its clients to “make data-driven decisions that drive growth and sustainability.”

Agrograph’s Solutions remain at the forefront of the industry wide shift we’re experiencing, whereby, organizations are leveraging technology and data insights to set new standards of environmental excellence and protect financial security across all members of the agricultural value chain. At the core of these efforts, and removing data and access barriers for transformative innovation in the industry, is Agrograph’s data - the critical component by which each of these initiatives is powered.

To learn more and see the full suite of data metrics available, please reach out to us via our simple contact form found at

Miranda Schavrien has served both national and state level agricultural organizations maintaining stakeholder relationships and managing outreach efforts. She is the Senior Marketing Strategist at Agrograph.

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