Insights from World Agri-Tech: Thoughts from the Team

The Agrograph team has returned energized and enthusiastic about where the global agricultural production and technology industries are headed.

by Miranda Schavrien

April 01, 2024

Our team had the privilege not only to attend the event alongside agricultural innovators, experts, and policymakers but also to contribute to main stage conversations exploring the role data plays in improving the financial landscape for sustainable agricultural production. Some key insights from our team members are provided below:

Jim: Embracing the digital landscape

For the second year, Agrograph was proud to be a gold sponsor of this global agtech event. The event helped challenge our assumptions, invite new ideas, and cultivate relationships. A few key takeaways from this year's event are the countless opportunities in front of us if we embrace the rapidly evolving digital landscape and harness the power of collaboration for positive impact. Partnerships are emerging as the primary source of new projects, where combined interest and investment result in mutual benefits for all parties and the industry as a whole. We welcome this call for partnership, not just with our existing clients, but also in developing new relationships and solutions across the industry.

Michael: Collaboration for a greater good

Industry conferences serve as liminal spaces, bringing together diverse industry professionals to connect, learn, and explore beyond their daily office routines. This year's event underscored that technology providers are now delivering on the promise of big data insights in agriculture. This interoperability between capital investment, government regulation, tech providers, and, crucially, the farmers who sustain us and preserve the land for future generations, is essential.

Agricultural communities have been collaborating to overcome challenges and unpredictability in production for as long as humanity has existed. There's an opportunity for financial and technology stakeholders to align with this perspective and foster a sense of community through innovation. This year's World AgriTech demonstrated that impactful partnerships are not only possible but crucial for developing solutions that will continue to shape and protect our future.

Mutlu: Optimism for the future of ag tech innovation

The world agritech (WAT) forum that took place in San Francisco recently was my first but in many ways a great success. From packed main stage sessions to buzzing networking areas, and the great interest in our booth, the event was a whirlwind of innovation and possibility. Here's what caught my attention. First, the main stage presentations were a treasure trove of knowledge. Hearing industry leaders discuss challenges and solutions for building a more climate-resilient and efficient food system was inspiring. Second, witnessing the passion and ingenuity of young companies at the start-up showcase was invigorating. Walking around many forms of innovation reminded me of Agrograph’s early days. The forum wasn't just about presentations and exhibits though.

The networking opportunities were phenomenal. I had the chance to connect with new and old colleagues, friends, and potential clients, all brimming with ideas and a shared passion for the future of agriculture. These connections will undoubtedly be valuable as we move forward. Looking ahead, the WAT left me with a sense of optimism about the future of agriculture and our company. Although there are many challenges facing agriculture today from demographic changes to climate change to growing nutritious food for the masses, I'm excited for the prospect of our own innovations as well as those of others, some of which were front and center at the WAT, continuing to develop and transform the way we grow our food.

Miranda: Bridging the gap between growers and developers

The conversation has shifted from discussing data procurement challenges to promoting industry adoption of data innovations. Often, the tech industry mistakenly sees producers and stakeholders as being slow to adapt and tough to win over. This has unfortunately created a gap between those growing our food and those developing solutions.

One thing that does undeniably ring true, however, is that both parties are really striving for the same thing – improving efficiency, ensuring financial sustainability, and optimizing for environmentally responsible production. This event shed light on how these two worlds can intersect, utilizing derived data and sophisticated analytics to deliver solutions for supporting producers, financiers and stakeholders worldwide and across the entire value chain.

World Agri-Tech serves as a hub for innovation, collaboration, and inspiration within the global agritech community. Agrograph is grateful for the repeated opportunities to act as a supportive thought leader at these events. We particularly value the relationships we foster, as they drive the scalable innovation necessary to tackle the complex challenges facing the global agricultural industry. If we connected with you there, we thank you for your time. If we missed you, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at

Miranda Schavrien has served both national and state level agricultural organizations maintaining stakeholder relationships and managing outreach efforts. She is the Senior Marketing Strategist at Agrograph.

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