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Access field-level insight at the click of a button with Agrograph’s proprietary Parcel Report.

by Jaclyn Roberts

June 29, 2021

This is the next generation of land valuation. Access field-level insight at the click of a button with Agrograph’s proprietary Parcel Report that generates simple, comprehensive and actionable data. Agrograph’s parcel report provides credibility and trust relied upon by bankers, appraisers and operators to understand the earning potential of land.

Personalize your report by selecting specific parcels with our easy-to-use AGROS platform.

Classify acres by land type. Retrieve an instant snapshot of a parcel’s unique makeup.

Discover production values only we have. Explore earning potential of fields based on over 30 years of scientific research on crop and yield analysis averages.

Give your data meaning. Benchmark performance across geographic areas and time. Confidently drive million-dollar decisions for your book of business.

Aggregate 30 field-level factors to determine the parcel’s AGROS Risk Score™.

Instantly retrieve the fair market value for selected parcels based on verified comparison values, land classification and production histories.

Jaclyn Roberts is a Texas native with strong ties to the agricultural industry. She is the Marketing Coordinator at Agrograph.

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