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Watch our presentation at the Agrifood Conversations webinar on Thursday June 17, 2021

by Jim O'Brien

June 21, 2021 · 1 min read

iSelect, The VanTrump Report and The Yield Lab Institute sponsor a series of weekly webinars called Agrifood Conversations, featuring start-ups innovating in food and agriculture. The June 2021 series featured companies in agrifinance.

Here is Agrograph's presentation from Thu Jun 17, 2021:

Jim O'Brien has been helping corporations navigate innovation initiatives & build sustainable processes for over a decade. He is Co-Founder and CEO at Agrograph. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

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Gear Up for the Agrograph Parcel Report

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Access field-level insight at the click of a button with Agrograph’s proprietary Parcel Report.

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