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August 03, 2023

Agrograph is a global agrifinance company that delivers data-based solutions to companies with exposure to agriculture. Our Agros® Technology, combines satellite imagery and diverse data sources that deliver reliable, field-scale, multi-layered insights through industry-specific Agros® Solutions. Whether you’re invested in agrifinance, crop insurance, sustainability or retail management, our data empowers you to drive important business decisions with confidence.

Below are some helpful responses to frequently asked questions. If you have other questions, connect with us via our Contact page.

About Agrograph

How did Agrograph come to be?

Co-Founders Jim and Mutlu met at a children’s birthday party and quickly hit it off. After several discussions about the economic challenges the agricultural industry faces, and the possibilities available to address those barriers by leveraging data science, Agrograph was founded in 2016 with the intention of delivering solutions that increase transparency in the marketplace and further capital entrance into the agricultural industries.

What is Agrograph’s objective?

Our mission is to help institutions with exposure to agriculture better match price to risk for mutual benefit of their customers and their organization. We empower our clients by providing them with the tools needed to improve efficiency and drive automation at scale.

Who is on your team?

Our team is composed of remote remote sensing analysts, data scientists, software engineers, and veteran ag leaders with deep domain expertise, and significant contribution to academic, financial and agribusiness industries.

Who uses your solutions?

Investment bankers, real estate investment trusts, and specialty finance companies, crop insurance agencies and ag service providers, supply chain managers and even food & beverage companies find value in our industry-specific Agros® Solutions.

What countries do you provide data for?

We are based in the United States but provide data services and coverage worldwide. Today we operate on every continent except Antarctica.

What solutions do you provide?

We provide metrics to service various use cases. Our crop, hazard, land, soil and management metrics deliver field-level insights to holistically review financial and environmental risk, optimize production practices and forecast profitability. Reach out to us at to see our full suite of variable offerings at work.

We empower our clients by providing them with the tools needed to improve efficiency and drive automation at scale.

About Agros® Technology

What is Agros® Technology?

Agrograph’s Agros® Technology combines field-level data points derived from satellite imagery and verified data sources to generate Agros® Solutions that identify fields and report on land management practices, historical and predictive yield production, weather patterns, environmental impact, soil carbon metrics, and market value, to name a few.

Where does the data come from?

Our data solutions are outputs derived from crop, biophysical and elevation models powered by satellite imagery, and validated with ground-truthed reported data. We also utilize publically available datasets, when available, to augment or empower our models.

How can I trust that this data is accurate?

Agrograph’s data has been validated in published white papers, academic research and field-tested with our clients since 2016. If you would like to learn more about our validation process, please reach out to

How do I get access to the platform?

You can access Agros® Today via our TestDrive. If you’d like to see more metrics or tools in action, reach out to us here.

How much do your solutions cost?

We have a variable pricing model based on area, data variables, data platform and servicing features. We offer discounted pricing for large volume portfolio projects exceeding millions of acres. If you have a new project request, contact us here.

Are there integration options if I don’t need a UI built?

Yes. Our Agros® API is able to seamlessly integrate into any existing processes or tool environments you already have.

How secure is the API?

Our API utilizes SSL/TLS for secure data transit, robust authentication with API keys, and implements rate limiting to mitigate potential attacks. We follow strict audit routines, and comply with data privacy regulations. Please refer to our API docs for more information.

What are your policies for data storage?

We store all data on Google Cloud, which provides robust data security measures including encryption at rest and in transit. We maintain strict access control measures, follow data retention policies that align with legal and regulatory requirements, and have disaster recovery mechanisms in place to ensure data integrity and availability.

Agrograph is a global agrifintech company that delivers data-based solutions to companies with exposure to agriculture. Agros® Solutions empower companies invested in agriculture to drive important business decisions, manage risk, and capitalize on opportunity. Agrograph is the Credit Score of Agriculture.

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