30+ Variables an Ag Lender Should Understand

How banks can navigate the intricacies of ag lending using advanced data services and comprehensive field-level insights.

by Agrograph

August 11, 2023

Farmland continues to be a strong asset as land values grow, and farmers and landowners continue to seek capital to manage rising operating costs. This trend will likely continue – and banks should take note.

However, ag lending is much more complex than other markets and requires an enormous amount of data. Banks must go beyond FICO scores, employment verification and financial statements, and consider farm production information and other data, none which is either standardized or structured for ease of use.

In this Bank Business News article, Jim O’Brien discusses the five main data categories and over 30 data variables banks must assess on farm loans, as well as the importance for banks to invest in data services that scale across their portfolio and utilize the latest tools in machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), which can accurately identify and replicate field-level patterns and generate a field-level risk analysis unique and specific to an agriculture portfolio.

Read the full article here!

Agrograph is a global agrifintech company that delivers data-based solutions to companies with exposure to agriculture. Agros® Solutions empower companies invested in agriculture to drive important business decisions, manage risk, and capitalize on opportunity. Agrograph is the Credit Score of Agriculture.

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