Agrograph Releases AGROS 4.0

AGROS just got smarter. AGROS 4.0 unveils an expanded global model with improved accuracy for yield and credit models up to 95% accuracy.

by Jaclyn Roberts

September 01, 2020 · 2 min read

Agrograph, a Midwest agricultural technology company leading the industry in commercially viable and highly scalable data solutions, released AGROS 4.0, the latest update to the company’s flagship predictive model. The improved model boosts confidence ratings up to 95% when compared to public reports and expands available datasets through the company’s global API solution.

AGROS 4.0 now features more than 30 individual datasets varying from evapotranspiration, gross revenue, sustainability, and more. The new predictive model allows users to benchmark field-level metrics locally,regionally, and globally to better understand performance and risk factors. Additional customization allows for data layering through a beautifully redesigned user interface.

The AGROS model differs from other field technologies on the market that simply repackage existing metrics through a digital interface. AGROS utilizes algorithms and satellite analysis to leverage both proprietary data and public data to create a forward-looking risk management solution.

“Most models do really well in normal conditions,” said Mutlu Ozdogan, founder and chief scientist at Agrograph. “The AGROS model produces low root mean square error (RMSE) even with extreme events, meaning our model is accurate in predicting the right yields on the right fields anywhere in the world.”

Featured product offerings include:

  • AGRO Risk Score™️-- Standardized farm-to-farm creditworthiness rating

  • AGRO Volatility Index™️ -- In-Season and historical field-level yield analysis

  • AGRO Sustainability Score™️-- Custom index of environmental management practices and energy use at the field level

  • Field Readiness Index™️ -- Soil moisture-based index to predict ideal planting conditions

  • AGRO GRAAS™️ -- Livestock carrying capacity model measuring on-the-ground biomass

Agrograph’s products target institutions managing financial, insurance, supply chain, and sustainability risk factors.

“Corporate lenders, mortgage companies, or insurance agencies have objective third party datasets like FICO scores and credit reports, something that did not exist for agriculture”, says Jim O’Brien, co-founder of Agrograph. “Our technology is designed to help the agricultural industry make these same advancements in automation and accuracy and to invest and empower farmers across the globe.”

Jaclyn Roberts is a Texas native with strong ties to the agricultural industry. She is the Marketing Coordinator at Agrograph.

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