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Using satellite imagery and verified data sources Agros® AI generates multi-layered insights to create a comprehensive lineup of solutions through Agros® Scores and Reports.

by Miranda Schavrien

January 18, 2022

Since launching in 2018, Agrograph has evolved, finding innovative ways to help industries supporting farmers. We are driven by our powerful Agros® AI that delivers precise, field-level data across more than 30 variables for every field in an operation, anywhere on the globe. But today, we’re taking that further.

Using satellite imagery and verified data sources, we generate multi-layered insights to create a comprehensive lineup of solutions through our Agros® Scores and Reports. These solutions leverage our Boundless® technology to identify fields and report on validated metrics such as land use, yield data, market demand, environmental factors, historical weather outcomes, water use, tillage practices, and more. Simply, we assign meaning to data, delivering trustworthy information you can use to assess, automate, and advise action when managing risk and triggering important business decisions. From creditworthiness, to insurance risk, to sustainability audits, our Agros® Scores and Reports can generate virtually any metric — all at the click of a button.

What are Agros® Scores?

Agros® Scores are ready-to-go solutions developed through a combination of domain expertise by Agrograph’s team of remote sensing analysts, data scientists, software engineers, and veteran ag leaders and counsel from bankers and insurers in the industry. Agros® Scores take our validated data and generate standardized ratings that allow for field-to-field comparisons. This approach allows for anyone - despite their background in agriculture, or lack thereof - to confidently make informed decisions. Agrograph offers the following Agros® Scores:

  • Agros® Risk Score: Assess Creditworthiness across an entire farming operation using validated data such as climate, crop and management practice information.
  • Agros® Sustainability Score: Gauge environmental management practices and energy use efficiency at the field level.
  • Agros® Volatility Score: Analyze in-season and historic field-level yield.
  • Agros® Field Readiness Score: Monitor rainfall, soil moisture and vegetation activity.
  • Agros® GRAAS Score: Model livestock carrying capacity based on grass conditions, production and in-ground biomass.

What are Agros® Reports?

Agros® Reports provide a custom experience using verified data. These reports aggregate data for a more granular look at the metrics that matter to you. These can be customized, ensuring you bundle data that meets your unique needs. Agros® Reports include:

  • Agros® Parcel Report: Automated report detailing land use, earning potential, Agros® Risk Score, and Fair Market Value.
  • Agros® Sustainability Report: Benchmark performance and audit your sustainability efforts using environmental metrics.
  • Custom Agros® Report: Leverage our Agros® AI and Boundless® Technology to build a custom Agros® Report. Create a personalized bundle of metrics from our collection of button-ready Agros® Scores and unique measurement capabilities to generate a report most useful for your organization.

Our Solutions are Boundless

Our expansive collection of solutions empower those managing risk and making business decisions in ag lending, crop insurance, sustainability roles and unique ag services. To learn more about how organizations are leveraging our data, check out our Discover section or reach out to us to request a free demo.

Miranda Schavrien has served both national and state level agricultural organizations maintaining stakeholder relationships and managing outreach efforts. She is the Senior Marketing Strategist at Agrograph.

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