Meet Agros — the Brain Behind Our Tech.

Agros is the quick-thinking A.I. behind everything we do. This bot got its name from the Greek word for field (Agrós) because of its ability to generate data at the field-level. It oversees our data delivery and various visualization tools that empower our customers.

How It Works

Our software takes in a simple satellite image and transforms it into high-value data that advises and accelerates action. Machine learning allows our technology to evolve and continually expand its library of evidence-based insights that anticipates trends, proactively manages risk, and helps trigger decisions that give companies a competitive edge.

Total Production
Asset Identification
Land Volatility
Gross Revenue
Farm Credit Scores
And Much More!

Unbound & Fully Extensible

Our technology isn’t bound to any one solution. In fact, that’s the beauty of our platform. Our granulized data can be customized to answer just about any production, climate, or global market question at the field-level.

Grab What You Need, When You Need It.

Whether it's using our digital interface to visualize the data, or tapping into our API directly to get just the output you need, accessing a proprietary database of 40 million parcels of land, with 10+ years of crop and yield history has never been easier. Call our API via HTTP or a Python module, whichever best serves your company's unique needs.

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